RTX DUALphone 3088 – Skype and traditional landline calling without the PC


Skype has moved a small step closer to the average man in the street with the launch of the DUALphone 3088 from RTX, which allows you to make traditional landline calls and calls over the Internet via Skype without the need to have your PC switched on. OK, you’ll still need a broadband router, but it does take the handset out of the home office and into the living room.

The handset gives you the option of free calls via the internet between Skype users, or the regular landline connection. If you opt for Skype, there’s a simple user interface via the colour display with access to all the Skype voicecall features, including your list of contacts. If you haven’t got an account, you can open one via the handset. And if you go for traditional, use it just like any other domestic wireless handset.

It has an operating time of more than 10 hours of talk time and up to 140 hours at standby and is available to buy from today and from the Skype shop from 1st December. The DUALphone is priced from £99.

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Dave Walker
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