QM Motion Speaker with radio – controlled with a wave of the arm


Too lazy to get up and change the volume? Struggle to find a remote control? You need to take a look at the QM Motion Speaker – a radio and mood light controlled by a swift wave of your arm.

The Motion Speaker operates via sensors. So with a wave of your hand near a sensor, you can scan for a station – and a reverse wave scans the other way. It also works in a similar way for volume control. There’s the added bonus of a mood light too – which changes when you change the radio station.

Big on novelty, but less so on functionality. Only an FM radio here, but there is a USB and audio-in cable, so you can also play your favourite tunes via portable player or computer (it’s PC/Mac compatible) – all with appropriate lighting of course.

Available now, you can pick one up for around £55.

Question Mark website

Dave Walker
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