projectiondesign Model Two WIDE – projection for the smaller home

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Apparently, the average size of a UK room is smaller than most other countries, so our projection needs that bit different. The projectiondesign Model Two WIDE needs around half the distance from the wall as a standard projector, making it more suited to our compact homes.

For a 2m picture, the projectiondesign Model Two WIDE needs to be just 2m from the screen, which compares to a standard projector that needs 4m to 5m distance. Housed in a small magnesium cabinet, the Model Two WIDE features the Texas Instruments HD2+ DarkChip3 DLP chip, projectiondesign’s RealColor advanced colour management for perfect 6500k out of the box, better than 4000 : 1 true optical contrast, 1000 video-optimised ANSI lumens from the Philips 220w UHP lamp, along with DVI-D (HDCP) input.

It’s also HD-ready, with HDMI input and comes with a backlit remote handset and with a choice of gloss finishes – Vanquish Grey, Pearl White, Maranello Blue. Available now, you can pick up the projectiondesign Model Two WIDE for £4000.

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