Linksys launches WRV200 router with RangeBooster


Linksys has launched the WRV200 router with RangeBooster – an add-on features that boosts the expected range of a standard router.

Aimed at small businesses, RangeBooster increases the wireless network’s range up to two times, and its throughput by up to 35%. Unlike ordinary wireless technologies that can be confused by signal reflections, RangeBooster uses two smart receivers at each end to detect and decode reflected signals, at distances where standard technologies give up.

The WRV200 also features multiple BSSIDs and VLANs to provide separate secure networks, enhanced QoS for both the wireless and wired network to provide improved quality for voice/video. There’s also security functions for authentication, encryption, and firewall, plus additional security features includes enabling/disabling SSID Broadcast, MAC-based filtering, and Denial of Service (DoS) prevention.

It’s available now, priced at £49.99.

Linksys website

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One thought on “Linksys launches WRV200 router with RangeBooster

  • Pro:
    Low price for small business router. 5 VLANs, make it easy to seperate the wired/wireless network. 4 SSID make it eaiser to split the Access Point to employees , contractors, and clients.

    Support is garbage, GRADE F. Support Chat log email, lagged too long, GRADE F. Never got a CASE NUMBER or RMA Number. Had to hammer their support to get one. Unreliable firmware upgrades. Grade F.

    Other thoughts:
    STAY AWAY FROM THEIR FIRMWARE. Version 1.0.29 caused my router to not work at all after upgrading from 1.0.24 to 1.0.29. The first 5 months was great, after that firmware upgrade did some damages. Replacement takes toooo long.

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