Kingston Technology's DataTraveler Secure Privacy Edition USB drive


Yes, there’s loads of USB drives in the shops, so what makes this any different? Well, according to Kingston, the DataTraveler Secure Privacy Edition guarantees 100 per cent security on the move.

The DataTraveler Secure Privacy Edition is the world’s first USB Flash drive that guarantees 100 per cent security, featuring a 256-bit hardware-based AES encryption. It’s equipped with a complex password protocol and a mechanism that locks out would-be hackers and any unauthorised users after ten consecutive failed password attempts.

The new drives feature titanium-coated stainless steel casings designed to withstand harsh working environments and operating conditions. And they’re waterproof – protecting against water damage to depths of up to four feet.

Capacities range from 512MB to 4GB, with prices ranging from £31 to £176 accordingly.

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Dave Walker
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