iTurbo portable iPod charger

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Another device to extend your iPod’s battery life, but the iTurbo portable iPod charger has the benefits of being both small and reasonably priced.

It actually looks like a breathalyser (not that I’ve seen one of those close up), but works using a single AA battery to keep your player going. The device, which is available in black or white to match your player, includes a USB charging tip and is compatible with the iPod, iPod nano and fifth-generation iPod video.

The amount of playing time supplied by the portable charger depends on the iPod you have, but a nano can run for up to 9 hours after being charged by the iTurbo. And to preserve the spare power, there’s an on/off switch on the charger.

It will be available to buy online later this month, priced between $29.99 – $34.99.

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