Imp Adapt Wi-Fi radio and media player


We were suitable impressed with the Imp Wi-Fi radio when our review team got its hands on one a few months back, so its interesting to see a variation on a theme with the Imp Adapt Wi-Fi radio and media player.

That variation seems to be a shift towards the Pinnacle Soundbridge/Squeezebox territory of a media player you can plug into powered speakers or a stereo for net radio or to listen to the contents of your PC’s hard drive. It also means you can listen to the archive streams of your favourite radio shows (like the BBC’s ‘Listen Again’) at your convenience from your stereo.

The Adapt comes with a cable to connect to your Hi-Fi, giving you access to an endless number of net radio stations – 2500 they claim. You can preset six favourites, the rest you’ll have to search for by genre or a never-ending list. And just to keep it up-to-date, the listing is checked for accuracy daily. It also allows playback of all major digital audio formats including MP3, Real Audio, Windows Media and AAC (unprotected only) – good news if you’ve several GB of music on your computer.

Available later this month, you can pick one up for around £139.

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