Google slams mobile operators that block its content

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mobile.pngA Google senior executive has laid into mobile operators around the world, accusing some of them of blocking access to certain Internet applications (yes, including Google’s own)

Chris Sacca, head of special initiatives at Google, said on Monday that certain mobile operators had lobbied the search giant, asking it to stop people accessing Google Mobile Maps. Oh yeah, that’s going to happen.

“They’re inserting themselves in between you and an application that you want. I think that has scary, scary implications,” said Sacca.

He also hit out at operators claiming to provide unlimited Net access but then blocking hungry applications like VoIP and streaming video. I’m sure they’ll just claim some ‘fair use’ policy.

“VoIP is not a service. It’s a technology which provides only one thing — cheaper calls — and we can provide cheaper calls very easily by cutting prices,” Bobby Rao, Vodafone corporate strategy director, told journalists and analysts on Wednesday.“We think the best way to offer people cheaper calling plans is to offer them cheaper calling plans… The value customers are looking for is not VoIP,” Rao added.

Yep, I think you’re missing some of the point, here, Bobby.

Andy Merrett
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  • Since switching to Vodafone a few months ago I’ve been unable to access Google News. Why would they want to block a news site????

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