Christmas Shoppers urged to 'give digital'

Digital set-top boxes

godigitalxmas.jpgA new retail initiative is encouraging people to ‘give digital’ this Christmas, by launching the Digital SwitchKit in association with Digital UK.

It’s another push to ensure everyone knows about the analogue switchoff in 2012 and does something about it.

The SwitchKit consists of a digital box, an aerial check (if needed), installation of the box and a demonstration of how to use it. Prices will start at under £100, depending on what options are taken, and retailers will be free to fix the terms.

Many chain and independent stores are already signed up, including Comet and Currys. Satellite and cable operators are also supporting the initiative, offering customers the option to buy satellite or cable Digital SwitchKit through their call centres.

Ford Ennals, Chief Executive of Digital UK, said: “Digital TV can enhance anyone’s Christmas. With the switchover coming, the SwitchKit is a great way to help family or friends to get ready.”

Mmm, I’m not sure quite how appreciative your non-digi friends will be if you turn up with a SwitchKit when what they really wanted was socks, pants and perfume an Xbox 360.

70% of households now have digital TV on at least one set, with two-thirds of the remaining 30% living in a Freeview area.

Andy Merrett
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One thought on “Christmas Shoppers urged to 'give digital'

  • You have got to be kidding.

    £100 for a £25 STB and some bloke to look at the aerial and tell you, “Needs replacing mate, that’ll be £283 please.”

    Get real.

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