Casio launches key-lighting, Arctic Monkey-playing learner keyboards


Casio has a new product aimed at those of us with zero musical ability – key-lighting keyboards – which makes playing a piece of music as simple as a game of Simon.

The idea is to learn at your own pace with the help of a few lights – so just follow the lights as quickly as you like and play pre-installed hits as diverse as Robbie Williams ‘Radio’ and Artic Monkey’s ‘Scumbag’. And if the lights aren’t enough, there’s even a voice to guide you on what to play next.

All models feature a songbank of 100 tunes (with more to download), 50 rhythms, 100 tones and if you pick up the LK-300TV, there’s a TV output function, which turns the keyboard into a karaoke machine.

Prices start from around £130.

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Dave Walker
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