ahoy!there helps match customers and service providers


ahoythere.jpgDespite the nautical sounding name, ahoy!there is actually a new breed of service directory that aims to bridge the gap between potential customers and service providers in order to make it easier for both sides to find business.

Whether it’s a plumber, an accountant, a builder, a web designer, or any other kind of trade, ahoy!there aims to put businesses in touch with customers who actually want their services.

The site lets service users make informed decisions about who they hire, and allows service providers to find business by capitalising on their reputation.

Users’ advertise their service requirements and general location, then receive personalised responses from service providers interested in doing their work. Service providers can effectively form one-to-one marketing relationships which are much more effective and personalised than a generic advert or directory listing.

Once users receive responses, they can view feedback from other users of the service. If they then choose to enter into an agreement with that company, they receive their unique ID number so that they can place their own feedback after the work has been completed.

It’s an interesting model but will only be successful if businesses and users sign up to it. It certainly sounds like it has a lot of advantages to both sides.


Andy Merrett
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