Welsh web users campaign for dot cym


A number of technology peeps from Wales have joined together to form dotCYN to campaign for a web top-level domain (TLD) for the fine country. They believe that having such a TLD will play a strategic role in validating and promoting Welsh culture and language.

It would be available to anyone with a website in Welsh, or of Welsh interest or about Wales in any language.

They base their campaign on a recent successful one by the people of Catalan who now have a ‘dot cat’ extension (as does anyone who owns a cat and wants my.cat or tibbles.cat)

In an interview with Ping Wales, Siôn Jobbins said that the Catalan experience was that there was an increase of 33% in the number of sites using Catalan since the adoption of .cat. This is a good and effective way of promoting Welsh on the web as well without the need for any new law.

Other campaigns are afoot for domain endings such as .berlin and .nyk (New York).

What do you think? Should Wales have its own domain ending?

Via Ping Wales

Andy Merrett
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