Visual Search With Kartoo

Propellerhead Top Tip

Google is very good but it’s not the only search engine and for some types of research you can greatly improve the quality of your results using a Metasearch engine.

These submit your query to a number of search engines at the same time, so you spread your net wider. They work pretty well but like Google, the results don’t actually tell you much about the web pages it has found, and their relevance and connection to one another. Well, Propellerhead has been trying one that does, it’s a ‘Visual’ Metasearch engine called KartOO, and you see the results as a series of interactive maps and when you hover the mouse over a link you’ll see a thumbnail preview of the page.

It makes searching for stuff fun again, give it a try! More great Windows tips, tweaks, hints and freeware can be found at PCTopTips

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