Ultrasone launch limited Edition 9 headphones


Ultrasone claim that they’ve released the world’s best headphones in their limited Edition 9s.

The headphones incorporate S-Logic technology which combine natural surround technology and reduced sound pressure levels up to 40%. They also reduce electromagnetic field radiation by up to 98%. They have a frequency range of 8-35,000Hz, 40mm Titanium-Mylar drivers, SPL of 96dB, 3 metre cable and weighing in at 310g.

Aesthetically, they’re done out with black chrome ear cups and nameplates, and they’ve even used Ethiopian sheep leather in the ear pads and headband pad to ensure maximum comfort (I had no idea Ethiopian sheep were more, err, comfortable)

They’re limited edition and are being shown off at the Audio Engineering Society show in San Francisco this month. Not sure if they’ll make it over here.


Andy Merrett
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