UK net users more fearful of online crime than burglary, survey shows


A new Government survey suggests that more Britons are concerned about online crime than they are about burglary and other ‘real world’ crime. 21% felt most at risk from cybercrime, compared to 16% who worried about being burgled. Some were even put off from using the Internet altogether, so strong was their fear of attack. 18% said they would not shop online.

These fears aren’t entirely unfounded given that the survey also revealed a worryiing lack of precautions being taken. 17% of people had no anti-virus software and 22% had no firewall. A further 23% said they had opened an e-mail attachment that came from an unknown source.

Tony Neate from Get Safe Online said “There are some problems out there but simple, easy precautions mean you can be really safe.” He suggested people should treat their computers like their cars, looking after and maintaining them, and protecting them from thieves.

Over three-quarters of a million people have already visited the Government’s Get Safe Online website to read tips on securing their PC.

Get Safe Online

Andy Merrett
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