Tuesday Top Ten: Reviews of the Firefox 2.0 web browser


Apparently more than two million people downloaded the Firefox 2.0 browser in the first 24 hours after it was officially released. But if you’re not one of them, you’re probably wondering whether it’s worth getting. Plenty of people on the Web have an opinion, so here’s ten that we found most informative. Note, most are aimed at people who are already using a previous version of Firefox.

  1. ‘Firefox 2.0 is a solid improvement’ at Linux.com. “It’s not a drastic change from the 1.5 series, but Firefox 2.0 bring enough improvements to make the upgrade worthwhile.”

  2. ‘Mozilla Ships Firefox 2.0… It’s a Dud’ at Windows IT Pro. “it’s a woefully minor improvement over Firefox 1.5 that suffers from various incompatibility problems, especially with themes and other add-ons. I wouldn’t recommend this new version, to be honest.”

3. ‘Firefox 2 yields goodies for users and developers alike’ at Test Center Daily. “This Web browser continues to innovate in line with a very rapid release cycle, which its users have come to appreciate.”

  1. ‘Firefox 2.0: The Honda Civic of Web Browsers’ at MIT Technology Review. “Like a new model fresh off the assembly line, this 2.0 browser is a little more comfortable, with the Web-browser equivalent of a better stereo, better shocks, and plusher seats. But underneath, it’s fundamentally the same product.”

  2. ‘Firefox 2 review’ at From The Front-End. “So is FF2.0 worth the download. Well if you haven’t got Firefox at all it’s an obvious yes.”

  3. ‘Firefox 2.0: Not Radical, but Just Right’ at Computerworld. “Mozilla’s return volley isn’t as strong as Microsoft’s serve, but does it need to be?”

  4. ‘Firefox 2.0 Balances Innovation with Ease of Use’ at eWeek.com. “The Mozilla Foundation has effectively integrated many significant new features in Firefox 2.0 while making the browser easier to use.”

  5. ‘9 Reasons Not to Upgrade to Firefox 2.0’ at listvine.com. “The lack of polished improvements combined with a high level of user satisfaction with the older version of the browser have given rise to a growing sense that upgrading to 2.0 might not be a good idea.”

  6. ‘Firefox 2.0: A second first look’ at Macworld. “What has been done seems to have been done quite well, and Firefox 2 has replaced Firefox 1.5 on all my machines.”

  7. ‘Firefox 2.0 – Review’ from Paradox460 on Newsvine. “A few things here and there are a bit annoying, like the throbber not linking to the Mozilla homepage, and the go button being part of the address bar, but overall, it is a good upgrade.”

Stuart Dredge
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  • Thanks for the mention. Seems there is a lot of conflicting thoughts of Firefox 2 at the moment and I think you’d be hard pressed to find a truly impartial review as people seem to be supporting browsers like a football team – not many neutrals out there.

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