ThinkGeek's budget retro handset with Bluetooth

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With Hulger’s vintage-styled Bluetooth handset retailing for around £100, there’s an obvious gap in the market for a cheaper version – after all, these things are never going to be more than a novelty. ThinkGeek has taken up the challenge – offering this retro Bluetooth handset for $40, which is around £21.

For your money you get a quirky, vintage handset that wirelessly connects to your phone using Bluetooth 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2. Its range is around 30ft and you can make or receive calls for as long as the phone is charged. Unfortunately, they don’t make clear how long this is.

If you’re after one of these handsets, but don’t see yourself using it much past that amusing first night in the pub, it doesn’t seem a bad price to pay.

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Dave Walker
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