Thanko FMP3 Watch – timepiece, radio, FM transmitter and MP3 player with direct encoding


Why settle for a watch when you can throw in the functionality of a portable audio player (and much more), without significantly increasing the size – as is the case with the Thanko FMP3 Watch.

In fact, it does more than just play your tracks – the FMP3 Watch also has direct encoding, so you can transfer tracks for storage on your watch directly from your CD player as well as your PC. It’s available as both a 512MB and 1GB model, both play MP3 and WMA and feature an FM radio and an FM transmitter for transferring your tracks to your (car) stereo. There’s also a voice recorder and rechargeable battery – though how long that lasts isn’t clear.

Available to pre-order now, prices start at $137.92 (around £74).

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Dave Walker
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