Tesco PC software coming for under £20


Remember the days when Tesco sold groceries? Just groceries. Now we have clothes and home accessories and electronic goods and insurance and Internet services and, well you know what a giant they’ve become.

The latest company we could claim Tesco are trying to take on is Microsoft. That’s probably an exaggeration – Tesco’s big but not that big – but nevertheless they’re releasing Office-like and security software for PCs for around £20.

The Office suite is based on the Ability Office software developed by Formjet based in Cambridge, and are compatible with Microsoft Office.

Tesco are also releasing Internet security software, where they may have more success in carving a market. As the public is made increasingly aware of computer viruses and other nasties, Tesco could advertise the benefits of their software.

It seems as if there’s very few markets that Tesco won’t touch, but whether it can really make a name for itself in the PC software market is another matter. What do you think?

Tesco Software

Andy Merrett
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