Sony launches BDZ-V9 and BDZ-V7 Blu-ray disc recorders


Before you get too excited, Sony’s BDZ-V9 and BDZ-V7 Blu-ray disc recorders are only launching in Japan, but hopefully we’ll get sight of these attractive units (or something similar) sometime next year. But if you’re in Japan, you can get in the queue for a December release.

Both models will record two TV programs at once via their two digital and one analogue tuners, which you can back up to Blu-ray disc. However, at this time, that’s only a 25GB disc – no 50GB BD-R/BD-RE writing or reading as yet. However, as a slight bonus, you can read AVCHD discs. Other features include scheduling recording via mobile phone, streaming to PC, video conversion to MPEG-4 (for your Sony PSP I’d guess) and all the connectivity you’d expect, including HDMI, i.Link and USB.

Release date is December 8th for the BDZ-V9, which comes with a 500GB hard drive for 300,000 Yen (£1,349). The BDZ-V7 follows on December 19th with a 250GB drive for 250,000 Yen (£1,125).

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