Sennheiser CX300 headphones get the iPod colour treatment


Sennheiser have upgraded their CX300 headphones – by turning them white. And yes, according to their press release, it is to appeal to the ‘iPod upgrade market’. I presume that’s people that don’t like the iPod earphones (which let’s face it aren’t the best quality around) but like the white. The ‘look I’m still using an iPod come and nick it’ brigade.

So now we have classic black, matt silver and iPod white (I wonder if they’ll get done under Apple’s stringent ‘leave our name alone’ laws? Maybe it’s just a working title).

They’re designed to minimise sound leakage out whilst reducing background noise for the wearer. They’re an ear canal design based on Sennheiser’s professional in-ear stage foldback monitors.

The CX 300 employs an advanced, miniaturised driver, tailored by Sennheiser for smooth, acoustically correct in-ear operation; this provides them with an extended response (18 Hz-21 kHz) for satisfying musical detail and impressive yet well defined bass.

They are supplied with three different sized ear adapters in soft, silicone rubber that ensure long-term comfort, as well as the excellent in-ear seal necessary both for ambient-noise reduction and deep bass.

They’re available now priced £39.99


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