Rooting Out the Nasties

Propellerhead Top Tip

You may not have heard of Rootkits yet, but Propellerhead suspects that it won’t be long before you do. A Rootkit is a set of tools, for creating a stealthy wrapper, for concealing malware. The trouble is anti-virus programs and malware cleaners have trouble detecting Rootkits, which means your PC could be infected by trojans, keyloggers, sniffers and heaven knows what else.

They’re fairly new and so far the threat appears to be relatively low, and they’re not very good at propagating but they are becoming more sophisticated so now would be a good time to start keeping an eye on your PC.

Sophos, the anti-virus people have come up with a freeware Rootkit detector, called appropriately enough Anti-Rootkit and you should download and run it as soon as possible, to see what’s lurking on your system.

If it finds anything suspicious it will tell you what it is, where it is hiding and if possible, remove it for you. This is just one of the hundreds of great tips and tweaks you’ll find on the PCTopTips website

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