RoamCon – control and secure your home with your mobile phone

Mobile phones

RoamCon is a system of controlling your entire home, courtesy of the net, Wi-Fi and your mobile phone. So probably best not to leave your handset lying around if you invest in it.

It’s very much “home of the future” territory, but available now, offering core surveillance and security and control of heating, lighting, smoke detection, gate operation and home entertainment – all from a single interface. Your home can be monitored live via the net or mobile, while images can also be recorded to browse later. Via the mobile phone you can also switch cameras – and if the system detects an intruder or event it can notify you by text message or by email and stream video to your mobile. And you can monitor your home no matter where you are in the world.

Check out the website for the full breakdown of services and if you want it in your home, prices start at £3,000.

RoamCon website

Dave Walker
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