Roadstar CD240MPR/512 in-car CD/radio with removable MP3 Player

MP3 players

Take two music players into the car when you only need one? You should have a look at the Roadstar CD240MPR/512 in-car CD radio, which has a removable MP3 player you can take with you once you leave your vehicle.

The stereo itself offers 4 x 40 watt FM/MW PLL tuner, 30 presets, RDS/EON and is CD-R/RW compatible with ID3 tagging. What makes it worthy of a second look is the removable player, a 512MB device that operates both with and outside of the car stereo. It’s essentially a glorified storage device, but does offer voice recording and comes with earphones and a USB cable for dragging across files.

The CD240MPR/512 is available now, priced at £129.99.

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Dave Walker
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