Palm's colourful Treo 680 smartphone debuts


If the Palm Treo 750v was a bit rich for your tastes, you might be interested in the company’s new entry-level model – the Palm Treo 680, which is slimmer than other Treo handsets and also available in a choice of colours.

The Treo 680 is being pitched at the "professional consumer" – which probably means someone who wants the added functionality of a smartphone, but doesn’t want to sacrifice the looks. Saying that, it doesn’t look much different to the 750v, apart from the colour. The 680 a quand-band phone with 320×320 colour screen, Bluetooth, enhanced sms messaging (you can view as a thread rather than individual messages), 64MB of storage (which can be boosted by card), email, web browsing (via Blazer 4.5), music player, VGA camera, photo album and Documents To Go – so you can view, edit and share Word and Excel documents. The operating system is Palm OS.

It’s available in red, orange, white and silver. Or rather will be – Palm isn’t being specific about a release date in Europe, but will be clearer towards the end of this year, they assure us.

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Dave Walker


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