Paid to Digg? IMO the service sucks (on so many levels)


Do you like Digg? Do you like money? Do you like ripping off genuine users and sites to help promote crap paid-for-submission sites?

You do? Then the Digg Submitter is for you! Get paid 10 cents via PayPal every time you Digg some site that you don’t really believe in, have never visited before and will never visit again, and for which some gullible webmaster with more money than sense has paid around $1 to get you to chuck out your principles to Digg.

Yep, the User Submitter is a cheap little website that looks like it was knocked up in 5 minutes that claims ‘proof of concept’ status, presumably to make it sound less dodgy.

Now, in the interests of first-hand research, and not because I wanted to make some quick cash, I decided to sign up and test the service out – as a ‘clicker’ of course, there’s no way I’m paying out cash.

I won’t bore you with the details. Let’s just say you get a selection of 5 URLs to copy and paste into the Digg submitter. Now let’s skip straight to the verdict. Well it potentially works but I felt dirty after three clicks, and actually undugg one of them (the other two sites were OK) I just have a feeling it will tarnish my Digg account and could get me chucked off. Maybe no biggie, but it feels cheap.

(Oh by the way, I’m now deleting my membership, as I’ve done my research)

What do you reckon? Is Digg going to suffer because of this, or is it just a drop in the ocean?

(Via Tech Buzz)

Andy Merrett
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