One in four managers check out potential employees online


According to a recent survey by, one in four managers (at least in the US) check out future employees by searching online. And 51% of them said they chose not to hire someone because of what they found.

They were then asked what kinds of information they found online that caused them to rule out a candidate. 31% of candidates had lied about their qualifications, 25% had poor communication skills, 24% were linked to criminal behaviour, 19% badmouthed their previous employer or colleagues, 19% posted about drug or alcohol use, 15% shared confidential information about a previous job, 12% lied about an absence, 11% posted provocative/inappropriate photographs, and 8% used an inappropriate screen name.

However it wasn’t all negative. 64% of candidates had background information that supported their qualifications, 40% were well-rounded with a wide range of interests, 34% had great communication skills, 31% conveyed a professional image, 31% had a good feel for the candidate’s personality, 23% were creative, and 19% received awards and accolades.

Even so, it’s a stark warning that these days you’re likely to be searched for on the web and anything on there about you could sway a future employer.

Tips for avoiding embarrassing content appearing online include being careful about what you post, being discreet, and being prepared to explain why certain information is online.

Also, once something’s online, it’s very hard (if not impossible) to completely erase it.

I guess I won’t be applying for any more jobs then…

(Via BIOS Magazine)

Andy Merrett
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