Not just youth on MySpace: half are over 35


Analysis of US traffic to MySpace suggests that the perception of the social networking site being the near-exclusive domain of teenagers is false. Around half of its users are aged over 35, with only 30% under 25 and just 12% under 18, down from 25% a year ago.

Of course this doesn’t necessarily mean that teenagers are leaving the service, just that the proportions are changing as MySpace gets more attention and the Internet demographic continues to change. The 35-54 age group went up to 41% in August, from 32% a year ago.

This is based on ComScore’s measure of Internet audiences, so isn’t going to be as accurate as MySpace’s registration information, but it’s still an interesting observation.

The survey also showed that MySpace took 56m unique US visitors in August, with FaceBook taking 15 million uniques, Xanga with 8m and Friendster with 1m.

Social networking continues to be a hit with a huge cross-section of the Internet.

Andy Merrett
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