New Mac Pros to get Intel 8 Core chips?


macpro2.jpgSeems that the speed of Apple’s hardware development is accelerating at present. It didn’t seem that long ago that the first Intel-based Mac Pro came out with 64-bit quad Xeon processors.

However, now Apple could be working on an 8 core update to the Mac Pro (what an update!). Though it’s not a world first, it’s certainly a major step for Apple, and could utilise two Intel “Clovertown” Xeon 5300 quad-core chips.

AppleInsider reported:

Of the four Clovertown chips that have turned up on Intel price lists, only two fit the bill as potential candidates for the new systems due to their 1333MHz, 64-bit dual independent frontside buses and 8MB Level 2 cache.

The Xeon X5355 runs at speeds of 2.66GHz per core and will retail in lots of 1000 for $1172 each. Meanwhile, the Xeon E5345 runs at 2.33GHz per core and will cost considerably less, making it the ideal candidate for the default configuration of the eight-core Mac Pro. At just $851 a piece, the 2.33GHz carries the same price tag as the 3.0GHz dual-core Woodcrest Xeon currently available to quad-core Mac Pro buyers.

As it stands, the release of the eight-core Mac Pro hinges on both Intel and Apple. But following Intel’s mid-Nov. quad-core Xeon launch, the ball should be completely on Apple’s side of the court. It’ll be strictly a marketing decision from there, say insiders, as the Mac maker wrapped up hardware preparations for this brawny beast during the tail-end of the back-to-school season.

Apple marches on, it seems.

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