MSN Search tops Google search results


Here’s an interesting little anomaly: type ‘search’ into the Google search engine and Windows Live comes up tops (click image for a closer view). Google doesn’t even come out in second place, but third…

If you are, ahem, ‘feeling lucky’ you go straight to MSN search.

OK, quite why you’d search for ‘search’ in Google is another matter, but at least for now, Windows Live tops the Google charts.

It’s not only Microsoft that gets one up on Google. Search for ‘search’ on and our eco-friendly Guardian newspaper comes up top! Google comes second.

Maybe Google are playing by the rules and relying purely on their algorithms to determine ranking – in that case you think they’d be able to hone their own home page to come out top.

Windows Live and the Guardian have out-googled Google. Sweet.

Andy Merrett
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  • Typing in “Search Engine” brings up Google UK (1) and Google (2). MSN Search falls to fifth.

  • Yeah good, goto Windows Live Search and put in search and Google comes out on Top!!!

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