Mister Tipster desktop RSS headline generator


I sometimes worry about my obsession for information. I need to know what’s happening (especially when it comes to gadgets), which often means flicking through numerous browser windows for the entire working day. And even then I miss things! Life might be easier if I had a Mister Tipster hooked up to my PC.

FeedVision’s Mister Tipster hooks up to your Windows XP PC (sorry Mac owners), keeping track of all your RSS feeds. When something new comes up, the headline is displayed on the device’s four-line LCD display, with configurable lights that can be set to flash when a word or phrase is detected. A bit like having the Grandstand videprinter on your desk (but with added lights).

It’s available in three colour schemes – dark blue text on a grey background, yellow text on a black background or the classic Game Boy color scheme above, retailing for $135.

FeedVision website

Via Engadget

Dave Walker
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