Ministry of Sound launch new DRM-free music download site


The Ministry of Sound has partnered with DJ Download and tomorrow will launch a DRM-free dance-focused digital music download service. It will feature 60,000 tracks from over 2000 record labels, all of which are playable on any MP3-capable computer or music player.

MD of MoS Lohan Presencer said “We’re insisting on making all the music we sell DRM-free because we want to make it easy for consumers to access, store and play it.”

The site does much the same as other download services, but with a dance music flavour of course. Tracks and albums can be purchased via credit/debit card or with PayPal, and the service will recommend new music for you based on your previous purchases.

I couldn’t find a list of prices for downloaded music, but it appears to be on a per-track basis rather than subscription. More information on this as I find it.

This looks to be a great move, and whilst it’s more of a niche market (though quite a large one) it does provide another source of unprotected music, and another way for MoS to plug their MP3 players.

Ministry of Sound download service

Andy Merrett