Logitech introduce X-540 matrix surround sound speaker system

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Logitech have announced their X-540 speaker system, a very affordable system aimed primarily at gamers that is supposed to provide a decent surround sound experience even with stereo audio sources (which most are).

They say that most 5:1 speaker systems are wasted because the source audio on many games, CDs and TV programmes is in stereo. However, their Matrix Surround Sound system splits an audio signal out into five channels for sending to the individual speakers, without distorting the sound quality. It sounds as if it’s a feature that can be turned on or off by a button on the control centre, which also houses the power button, volume controls and headphone jack.

The system features a clip-on centre channel speaker to cater for the rise in flat panel displays where a speaker can’t be rested. The clip also doubles as a stand for those on CRT monitors or those who prefer to put the speaker on the desk.

The X-540 produces balanced surround sound by way of that central speaker and acoustically matched front and rear satellite speakers. Logitech’s Frequency Directed Dual Driver technology helps the speakers produce richer sounds by having two drivers in each satellite speaker. It also overcomes high-frequency overlap that leads to uneven sound.

The system delivers 70 watts of RMS power through the 5 satellites and subwoofer. They feature a new industrial design that adds more angles and style to the five satellites, with durable metal grilles protecting the satellites and a down-firing design shielding the subwoofer driver.

And the price for all this lovely tech. A very tasty £69.99, which sounds not half bad at all. Available this month.


Andy Merrett
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