Lily Allen gets her own MSN theme pack


Record companies haven’t taken long to catch onto this digital marketing lark, and thankfully they’re looking beyond the basics of getting your artists on MySpace and not suing the arse off children for swapping tunes. It’s no surprise to find Lily Allen at the forefront of developments either – after all, she invented InternetWeb social 2.0 networking, along with the Arctic Monkeys.

Anyway, her record label Parlophone have now made her the first UK artist to have her own set of MSN Messenger icons, as part of an MSN Themepack which also includes artwork and backgrounds for use on Messenger, as well as a feature that when you try to type ‘Peaches Geldof’, autoreplaces the words with ‘Skanky Little Ho, Who Does She Fink She Is, Eh?’. Probably.

"With more and more teenagers using instant messenger services over and
above email, the MSN Themepacks are a great way for us to reach Lily’s
target demographic as well as increase her fanbase," says Parlophone’s Dan Duncombe. Napalm Death next, please, record company fellas.

(via Brand Republic)

Stuart Dredge
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  • heya lily. id just like to say you are the best singer in the world. and i like the fact that you say whats on your mind and dont care what other people think and that is why i always talk about you

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