Huge multi-monitor office setups


I found this post via the Blog Herald over the weekend: Stefan Didak has one of the biggest multi-monitor computer systems I’ve seen, and he knows how to tidy his cables up properly too. I’ve only got two monitors, a laptop, and one or two desktop computers running here, and wires are not a favourite item.

In the comments Stefan says “It’s 8 systems (all but two are SMP/duals), two more not in the same room (too noisy), two laptops, 7 screens (five with dual input that is switchable), and the whole setup is hooked together via Synergy and MaxiVista in order to configure the screen realestate any way I need to. :-)”

It’s a serious system. Do you have anything as impressive? I hope he switches everything off at night.

Stefan Didak’s Home Office Desktop

Andy Merrett
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One thought on “Huge multi-monitor office setups

  • The reason I run both Synergy and Maxivista is that sometimes I need more than a dual screen hookup on a single machine but often enough all I need is the KM ability. With MaxiVista (not yet) running on 64-Bit Windows (or Linux, for that matter) it fills in the gap of cross functionality nicely.

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