HSBC and First Direct offer banking via text message

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Never worry again if your salary has been paid into the bank – HSBC and First Direct, through Monilink (the people behind the Link cash machines), have introduced mobile banking, with 24 hour access to banking services via your handset.

To use the service, you obviously need an account with one of the banks, then you download some software. Once registered and authenticated, you’ll have secure access to your accounts, wherever you are. You can check your balance, receive statements (on demand or at set times of the month) or top-up your pre-pay mobile. Or for a £2.50 monthly fee, you can receive text alerts – for example telling you when your salary has been paid in or when your account is heading into the red.

Apart from the £2.50 fee, other charges are 20p per balance enquiry and 25p per mini statement, which will be charged on your mobile phone bill.

HSBC website
First Direct website

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