Hitachi recall modest number of Sony-made laptop batteries


Oh look, another battery recall (yeah I know, easy news). This time it’s Hitachi, and they’re recalling a relatively small 16,000 Sony-manufactured notebook batteries. Presumably the number is lower as Hitachi aren’t such a prominent notebook PC manufacturer.

There’s still a few manufacturers to go sow we might not have heard the last of this.

I ordered my Apple Powerbook replacement battery at the beginning of September and haven’t received it yet (though it’s still within the 6 week time period quoted on their website). I know some US customers got their batteries really quickly. I’m interested to know how long it’s taken UK customers to get a replacement battery for their particular notebook, and if it’s any better than your old one.

Leave a comment below if you’ve been affected by this.

Andy Merrett
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One thought on “Hitachi recall modest number of Sony-made laptop batteries

  • I got my battery from Apple on Wednesday, I ordered it around the 1st of September… I’m in the UK. So i’d guess your battery will be popping through the letterbox (well, maybe not through the leterbox, but that sounds better than a UPS guy will more likely knock on your door…) any time soon! (I have a 12″ PB)

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