GEAR4 launches BluEye – make and receive calls on your iPod

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GEAR4 has launched BluEye, which it describes as a 3-in-1 Bluetooth hands free mobile connection, FM radio and remote control for your iPod – allowing you to make and receive calls on your iPod.

This Bluetooth remote headphone system connects your mobile and iPod, so you can view phone numbers on your iPod display. The BluEye will also pause your tunes, alert you to an incoming call and then resume your music once your call is finished. There’s also an FM receiver, which integrates directly with your iPod, with stations displayed on your iPod screen, so you can easily search for your favourite and save up to 15 channels as pre-sets.

You can pick it up now, priced at £49.99.

GEAR4 website

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One thought on “GEAR4 launches BluEye – make and receive calls on your iPod

  • Initially when I read this post, I thought ooh that’s weird.

    But then I realized that its a kinda interface between your cellphone and iPod.

    But still, I think Its weird. a music player is meant to play music and a cellphone for chit chat.. can’t mix bought of them

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