Games console workouts for kids


Apparently, sitting in front of the TV playing games doesn’t have to mean piling on the pounds – a fitness and martial arts expert has developed a work out that will keep kids fit while they are glued to a game.

The man behind it is Kevin Allen, who has set up and devised a ten stage fitness routine kids can do, console in hand, that will improve their strength, stamina, flexibility and even burn calories. The routine can last from 10 minutes to an hour – burning up to 300 calories without ever losing control of the game.

Want to know more? Read on after the turn for 10 exercises. Or visit for around 500 more, plus exercises for lazy adults!

1. Power Kick

Kick ass on your console with these tough kicks, which help strengthen kids’ legs and hearts fast. Start jogging on the spot and kick your heels back as high as possible while jogging. Keep going for one minute for a lower body warm up. 

2. Bling Butt

From a standing position, squat down, hold for two seconds, then rise slowly to the count of four. Repeat ten times. Tones legs, butt and lower back.

3. Big Guns

Kids shouldn’t workout with heavy weights but they can develop muscles of steel with tension exercises. Hold control pad while standing. Lightly squeeze the pad inwards with hands while tensing arm muscles hard. Reverse by lightly pushing outwards on the pad while maintaining muscle tension. Repeat regularly. Tones arms, shoulders and chest. 

4. Zap Six Pack

A six pack with no sit ups. The laziest way to strengthen the stomach is to tense the muscles and not let go. From a standing position lightly tense your stomach muscles and hold this tension while you play. Works well for any level of fitness.

5. Macho Man

A tough karate pose. Stand with your feet a shoulder width apart. Take your right leg back and bend your front leg, keeping the back leg straight. Stand still for up to 30 seconds then change legs. Fast strengthening and static stretching for legs and bums.

6.Sumo Slammer

From a standing position take your legs twice shoulder width apart and bend your legs, lowering your bum as if you were going to sit down on an invisible chair. Sit like a Sumo for 30 seconds to stretch and strengthen the legs and bum.

7. Kung Fu Crane

This stealthy Kung Fu posture develops motor skills of co-ordination and balance.  Stand on one leg and bring the other one off the floor. Turn knee of raised leg outwards and bring the foot close to knee of the standing leg like a Crane. Balance for as long as you can then change legs.

8. Wild Child

Go wild with this great heart pounding cardio workout. Start jogging on the spot slowly for a few seconds then bust into a super fast sprint on the spot for 15 seconds or so. Slow back down to a jog, before busting back into a sprint. Keep rotating between slow and fast for five minutes.

9. Karate Crunchers

Karate-style sit ups. Lie on the floor with control pad in front of you. Bend knees and slowly sit up to an angle of 30 degrees while gently tensing stomach muscles then lower back to the floor. Support your feet under a chair and couch for added support if needed. Advanced move – twist to left or right on way up. Complete 10 sit ups.

10. Lazy Legs

Lie flat on the floor, legs out straight. Lift one leg off the ground at about 45 degrees and hold it up 10 to 15 seconds or for as long as you can.  Return your foot to the floor and repeat with the opposite leg. A great exercise for the deep stomach muscles.

Dave Walker
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