Firefox hack critical and unpatchable


Two hackers at the recent ToorCon conference in San Diego said they’ve found a critical flaw in Firefox that affects it on all operating systems and (as far as they’re concerned) is unpatchable. Put simply, it has to do with the way Firefox handles particular Javascript, and the worrying thing is that, supposedly, it can execute without the user having to do anything once they’ve visited a web site containing malicious code.

For once, it’s not just Windows users who need to pay attention, because it’ll affect Mac OS X and Linux users too. Great.

I’m sceptical that this exploit is unpatchable, though it could well be difficult as it’s a core part of the browser functionality.

And just to add some spice, once that little treat’s out of the way, the hackers have another 30 exploits ready to share with Mozilla, or release into the wild, depending on how responsible they’re feeling.

Maybe it’s time to switch browsers again?

Andy Merrett
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