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Propellerhead Top Tip

As time goes by and your hard drive fills up it becomes increasingly difficult to find things on a PC and whilst Windows and most applications have their own Search facilities, they’re not necessarily very convenient, or easy to use, which brings us to a freeware utility Propellerhead has been trialling, called the X1 Enterprise Client.

This is a powerful freeware desktop Search Engine that automatically indexes the files on your PC, including email messages, documents, zips, JPEGs, MP3s, PDFs and most common file formats. You can find whatever you are looking for quickly and easily using a simple keyword search, and the results are clearly shown in a preview panel. It’s flexible, highly configurable and it wont sap your computer’s resources as it can be set to carry out regular indexing operations whenever your PC is not being used. Don’t forget there’s hundreds of tips, tweaks and links to some great free software on the PCTopTips website.

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