Dyson's revolutionary Airblade dyer – is it really all that original?


You may recall the Dyson Airblade hand-drying system we featured recently, with the word "innovation" featuring heavily. Well, it’s perhaps not as much of an innovation as we first thought.

If you missed it, click here for our one-minute video review. But to sum it up, the device can dry off your hand in in seconds, courtesy of pressurised air, that sucks off the excess water, leaving your hands dry and anti-bacterially clean – perfect for holding that post-club kebab. However, according to a story on Engadget, it’s not that new – a similar dryer is available from Mitsubishi – the Jet Towel – and it even looks like Dyson’s new baby.

So, maybe Dyson isn’t re-inventing the hand dryer – just improving it slightly with a faster blow.

Check out Dyson’s Airblade in action

Via Engadget

Dave Walker
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