Cellboost – instant power on the go


I’ve seen a number of these power-boosting items recently, but the Cellboost looks to be the smallest (so easiest to carry round) – of them all.

Like the other devices, Cellboost is designed to give you that extra power when you need it – when your charge has died at a crucial time. There’s no cables or sockets needed, just plug in the disposable Cellboost and get around one hour of talk or 60 hours standby for a mobile or around eight hours of music for an iPod. In fact, it’s like an extra battery – so you can use your gadget whilst charging it up.

And if you’re worried about the environment, it’s mercury free and can be safely disposed of with normal household waste. Available now, prices are around £4.99 for a Cellboost for mobile phone, £5.99 for a Cellboost for Treo and Blackberry and £6.99 for a Cellboost for iPod.

Cellboost website

Dave Walker
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