Carsafe – protect the gadgets in your car


How many gadgets do you have in your car? There’s a good chance you’ve got at least two – sat nav and a mobile phone. And possibly an iPod. Leave them around and the thieves will be queuing up, carry them around and it’s a weight. Which is where Carsafe comes in.

Yes, you guessed it – it’s a safe for car belongings, especially high-value items like gadgets. It weighs 1.1kg, so it’s easy to move into position, but big enough to hold most of your car essentials. But couldn’t someone carry away the box? Apparently not – secure fixing to a suitable point in the car with the steel twisted ropes should keep it away from the casual criminal.

If you think your items are at risk, you can pick up a Carsafe for £50.

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Dave Walker
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