Bluetrek M2 – the Bluetooth headset that changes with your mood

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Bluetrek has a new Bluetooth headset on the market – the M2 – their smallest earpiece yet and one that can adapt to your style and mood, so the company claims.

The M2 is just 51 x 21 x 13.5mm, weighing just 12g – and smaller has to be better when you’ve got it stuck round your ear. The promise of a mood-changing headset is actually just interchangeable covers – 4 in total – so you can match your mood or your clothes for that day. Bluetrek suggests black chrome for elegant evenings out – I’d suggest not wearing a headset if you’re at such a grand occasion. The M2 offers 9 hours talk time, 11 hours standby and comes with a USB charger cable.

Available now and retailing for around £39.

Bluetrek website

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  • i’ve really seen the smallest bluetooth earpiece about 6×6 mm from egypt look at the pictures at website

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