BamZ – let your feet do the talking


Fancy flashing messages from your shoes as you walk down the street? Probably not – but BamZ are aimed at kids rather than adults, who might like the idea of converting their shoes to walking message boards.

Essentially, BamZ are insoles, which can be cut to size for most feet. They’re powered by pressure pads in the insole and as you walk, the BamZ unit is activated, displaying programmable sentences on the outside of the shoe. BamZ can be programmed with any sentence of up to 40 characters using A to Z, 1 to 9 and a variety of hearts, jumping logos and smiley faces. And as they’re insoles, they can be moved from shoe to shoe.

BamZ will be available from early November as both single and double programmable units with a retail price of £9.99 and £14.99 each respectively.

BamZ website

Dave Walker
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