American Power Conversion launches UPB10 Mobile Power Pack – charge on the go


American Power Conversion (APC) has introduced the UPB10 Mobile Power Pack – a mobile power pack that’s smaller than a pack of cards, but can keep your gadgets charged for hours when you’re out and about.

The device uses lithium polymer battery cells – which have a higher power density than traditional lithium ion cells – which means a greater power output, so more charge available. It’s compatible with a wide range of mobile devices and can generate up to 55 hours of additional music time for an MP3 device such as the iPod Nano, and 8 to 10 hours of additional email and talk time for smartphones like the BlackBerry or Palm Treo. And it doesn’t mean loads more weight in your bag – it weighs just 3 oucnes.

The pack includes the actual UPB10, plus an AC to USB power adapter and a USB to Mini B power cable. It’s available now for around £44.95.

APC website

Dave Walker
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