• hahahahahahaha that fat kid nearly falling out was the funniest thing i av seen in ages i was screamin with tears in my eyes with laughter hahahahahaha

  • It’s like complete split screen video: Carefree mother vs. Scared fat son. I wonder if the kid hit the gym the next day?

  • Wow.. kerry.. thomas.. what a pair of party poopers. Fat people are funny. Fat people in pain are funnier. You’re silly people, please remove yourselves.

  • While that all might make sense of this was some kind of ‘hidden camera’ video, note that it’s taken from Australia’s Funniest Videos – which means that the people in the clip have sent it in to their TV network and got money off that network for doing so.

    If they’re happy for the world to see it – and to profit from it – why should anyone else take a moral high ground?

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