Yahoo acquire Jumpcut video website

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Yahoo have acquired the Jumpcut video-editing and publishing website, in the ongoing scrabble on the web to compete with YouTube. Is it just me or do Yahoo seem to be doubling up on services? First they acquired Flickr and then launched their own photo-sharing service, now they’re buying out a video service even though they have one of their own.

Indeed, they’ve said that Jumpcut will become part of the ‘Yahoo Video family’ and won’t replace what Yahoo already do. Presumably they’ll cater to different audiences.

I took a very quick look at Jumpcut and wasn’t overly impressed. Sure, it was first impressions based, and maybe I’m doing them a disservice, but it didn’t seem to have the same feel as YouTube or Google Videos, for example. One feature that sounds intriguing, however, is ‘Remix’ where you can take other people’s content and, well… remix it. Ahh, a copyright nightmare!

It also sounds as if Jumpcut will stand to benefit more from the deal than Yahoo, with access to a broader audience.

Have you used Jumpcut (had you even heard of them?). What do you think of the deal?


Andy Merrett
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