Xerox develops MicroText – the font you can't see


Usually, clarity and style are key components to a successful font. Not for Xerox – they’ve just developed MicroText – just 1/100th of an inch high and only visible with a magnifying glass. In fact, when a 100-page book is converted to the MicroText font, it can be printed on a standard A4 sheet of paper. 

The point of the font is security – making documents much harder to forge. Microscopic words are already hidden in the design of credit cards, cheques and currency as a deterrent to counterfeiting. The new font brings this to documents. For example, birth certificates, driving licences or company-issued cheques could all contain information so small, it would be very difficult or time-consuming to attempt to replicate or change – adding an extra level of security to them.

This new speciality font was unveiled in the new Xerox FreeFlow Variable Information Suite 5.0, software that Xerox sells to commercial printers that produce personalised documents.

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Dave Walker
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